2022 - Wrap Up 🎁

2022 - Wrap Up 🎁

Overview 📙

The year 2022 was an awareness and research year for me, I got introduced to Kunal Kushwaha, Eddie Jaoude, Apoorv Goyal, and Pradumna Saraf. These are some amazing people who are doing so much amazing community work. I appreciate them all, as they were the ones who made me get out of the mindset of FAANG culture and made me curious and extremely interested in Open Source.

Everyone, whoever is reading be tuned and tie your seatbelts and let's go through my complete tech journey from a beginner to a person who explains concepts to beginners.

Who am I? 📃

  • I am just randomly talking to you all, before moving forward into my journey, my short introduction: My Name is Muhammad Noorani, I am traversing through many fields in tech and am passionate and curious both, to explore these amazing fields.

  • I am a second-year undergraduate student in the Computer Science field at a tier-3 college. I manage tech learning and college both with 75% attendance criteria in my college.

  • What I will be doing. I will keep this journey 100% public. How? I will be learning and building in public and sharing blogs, threads, and some pieces of content about what I learn, in simple words documenting my tech journey.

  • I am also a public speaker, who loves to speak in public so I will be organizing some Twitter spaces in the future and taking part in Twitter spaces.

  • I am not promising anything over here, this is my plan for 2023. I will try my best to manage all of these simultaneously with my learnings in tech, college, documenting in public, and even creating content pieces.

My 2022 Journey 🚀

  • I am a person, who does not like to show off things or anything like that, I just am curious about these tech fields and this was my reason to get started.

  • I began this journey with the most common Indian fight in tech for Data Structures and Algorithms, should I start with C++ or Java, I got introduced to many tech influencers who fight about these languages and especially competitive programming. In between these, I got introduced to Kunal Kushwaha.

  • Now, after seeing his course which he started in august, one of the videos was Java vs C++. I saw that video and started my DSA journey in 2022 January, which was when my 1st semester was about to end.

  • After that, it continued with many ups and downs. At that time I had my end-semester exams scheduled and had so many assignments and journals to complete.

  • I tried my best, but could not cope and left DSA for the first time. Then here my 1st Semester comes to an end.

  • Then, started learning in public. I did one challenge of #21DaysofDSA and learned many concepts in Data structures and Algorithms.

  • Now, again I kept on doing it. I used to dedicate daily 15-20 minutes only and this journey was going.

  • Now, here again, comes the end semester for my 2nd Semester, as I continued and when my end-semesters were going on I yet finished the #21DaysofDSA challenge and this was a point where I left learning in public and DSA both.

  • Then, I found out about Apoorv Goyal. He had his web development series coming up. I decided to start his playlist.

  • I started and followed along, but now I was learning Linux from his series and DSA from Kunal's series but was not learning in public

  • After many efforts with all of that, I also started flutter and many more things. But now at this point, everyone should understand what was going to happen, it was a complete burn-out, and went on a break for many months from August 2022 to November 2022.

  • This time also I didn't start to learn in public or come to social media. I was seeing other people's posts, thinking, and thinking. But I finally started this journey again on 24th Jan 2023.

MY Learnings 📚

I have 5 Learnings from this journey, focus on this :

  1. Take one thing at a time, this was the first learning as I took so many things and messed them up. if you want to take many things to do then plan first.

  2. Take regular breaks, or else you will burn out. This is the worst thing that happens to all beginners all the time, take care before it gets serious.

  3. There is a life outside coding also, explore that also. Just being in front of computers all the time will ruin your eyesight, go and explore. No worries if you are alone, go alone.

  4. Buy blue ray protection Spectacles, as you will at least sit for 3-4 or even 6-8 hours in front of a screen(both computer and mobile). Take care of your eyesight.

  5. Do, some exercise daily. I will show you my proof, I started walking daily and today I walk almost 10k or more steps daily. Do some exercise or else you will lose your health.

Did I give up? 💪

  • No, and Never, I am back once more after all of these and will start to learn things from scratch. At least, I will be fast because now I am not a beginner in Coding. I researched and made paths for these fields, procrastinated, overthought, and made things more complicated.

  • This time I don't care if I have confusion or anything else, at least I will start and try my best to finish it.

What is coming up in 2023?

  • I will be learning and building in public, skill up, will engage with people, making networks and collaborating with some amazing folks in tech, exploring so many amazing tech fields, will be part of amazing global communities, and trying many new things, Insha Allah.

  • At this moment I have just started how this is going to happen or where I will reach but I trust in Allahﷻ and he will make it happen. I will give my best !!

Where can you all find me?

  • I am available on Twitter and Linkedin, and always open to opportunities!!

  • So, wrapping this blog with one piece of advice💡:

    Think big, Be with amazing people, always help, practice humanity and empathy.

  • Wishing everyone, whoever read this blog till the end all the best in your journey !!

  • You can find me on these platforms 🤝 :





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